Our Braveheart Adventures

We originally started our Braveheart journey as breeders of toy poodles. We carefully studied blood lines, health, history, and more and selected those that meet strict criteria. Our breeding program stopped when the economy took a turn and we realized that many puppies were being turned into shelters. The thought of one of our puppies possibly being one of those surrendered coupled with the animals available for adaption led us to this decision. 

In 2017, we began the research into RV selection. Do we go travel trailer, Class C, or Class A. We even researched some smaller 5th wheels. We put MONTHS of research into this journey and watched more YouTube videos than we care to admit. In January of 2019, we selected a Ram 2500 as we fully committed to a travel trailer.

Fast forward to 2020. Our first RV show. Pandemic strikes. Remote work starts. A light bulb goes off. After an abbreviated search into truck campers, were purchased a Northstar Liberty SS from Truck Camper Warehouse in NH. 

OUR videos were originally intended to be a modern day photo album. We captured still photography. We originally didn’t plan to have an official youtube channel. The videos were edited with what we had and used YouTube as a public storage location. In some videos, we tell a silent story with little to no dialogue while in others, we have lots to say. Some may appear to be boring, but to us it was a story and one we decided to share anyway. 

These videos are for entertainment purposes only. Our opinions are just that. Our opinions. While we may express our opinions of a campground or location, your opinion can, and likely will, differ. 

We finally took the leap and started our adventure. That is what you’ll see in our videos. If you’re looking to start your adventure, research… but not too long.

How We Began

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